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Plants in Paths

Photos by Fleur Pavlidis

Fleur Pavlidis writes of the way plants tend to spill our of their appointed places and spread or self-seed into paths, often with happy effect. In her Attica garden, as a result, a service road for maintenance to the borehole has been transformed into a garden feature in its own right.

Daisy-succulent: Delosperma cooperi was found to have rooted into the path.

Teucrium-flavum: Teucrium flavum chose its own site at the base of a big stone well head.

Teucrium-hircanicum: Teucrium hircanicum helps to turn the service road into a garden feature.



Phlomis fruticosa.

Sage and Cypress Euphorbia.


Delosperma cooperii.

Buddleja and oenothera.
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